Implementation of building informational modeling in designing multi–story modular building

Иван Сергеевич Каримуллин, Елизавета Кожемяко, Владимир Николаевич Алехин


The paper discusses features of employing BIM for designing modular building, using the Steel2Real'23 competition as a case study. The Steel2Real'23 student competition, organized by the Association for the Development of Steel Construction, seeks to enhance the usage of steel in construction. Modular construction is an emerging construction technology. However, a research gap is found concerning the practical usage of BIM in designing multi–story modular construction buildings in Russia. The article performs comparative analysis of the various approaches for process of designing and highlights that have streamlined the work of architects and designers during planning and design phases. The conclusions emphasize the advantages of employing information modeling in modular construction and outline the potential for its integration into contemporary design practices.

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